So, what's this about.

It's a follow up to our last discussion and what Vessel Head was saying.




When was he working on that?

No answer.

There's no call for a man like that to don such a foul scent.


Wait, just so I'm clear, from last time. It's the second part of his claim that worries you?


Wait—the second part? What is it again?

How it is... Not his claim that there is such a thing.

OK. Not the argument for.... Right. Good. Sorry.

I'm not sure I see the worry. Can you say it again?

Well, there's two points really. Or, at least, I want to offer a clarification before I repeat the worry.

Ok...—So,what's the worry?

It's not the second part of his claim that strikes me as questionable. At least, I don't think it's his claim. I mean, it's not clear to me that what you say is the right way to read him.

Because of that term again...

Yeah, exactly. That's just not how he's using it. In fact, I'm not aware of any occurrence of the term anywhere in his writings that support that reading.

What about the published version of the dissertation? The short version. At the end of the first chapter.
I can't remember what section that is.

In the English translation? Section 4. Wait, is that what you mean, the English translation? Will you turn and face me?



Face me, please.


Well, we know he advised on the translation, right? But if you read the letters, you can see how little of the final version he actually saw before its publication. Because of the war.

Uhm. Because of the war? And you think the use of the term there is an artifact of the translation?

At least in part. I mean, it's not consistent. I counted once. The English term shows up over twenty times. But there are five occurrences of the term in the original.

And the unpublished dissertation?

I can't tell. I thought Section 4 was added to the published version. Is that right? No, that's right, you're right. It's not in the unpublished version.

Why do you prefer it so dark in here? It's not in the unpublished?

No answer. Look of   annoyance and scorn.

I mean we're are all aware of the long tradition of thinking about this.

Yeah, and you've balked when I said the disagreement about it isn't a 'real problem'—so, what is a 'real problem'?

Delve a little bit deeper.

The English translation you said?

The English translation.

Ok, well,

what's a Heccubus?

Slight smile.

I refuse to entertain you.


Somewhere between Succubus and Incubus.

Geographical locations?

No. Not geographical locations.


Maybe, I don't know.

I like it when you entertain me.

Don't make it feel like it's at my expense. Make me feel included.


It's ok. I'm sensitive.

It's why I like you.

No it's not.

How do you know?

Huccuba, not Heccubus.

Don't get worked up.

This is dumb, let's get coffee.

I'm not drinking coffee.

You're not allowed to get tea.

Heccubus says no.

Heccuba was a woman.

Stop sidetracking.

The wife of a king.

Slight smile.

Yes. Trojan horses.


Not Trojan horses, but Troy.

Nineteen children.

Both chuckle.

Daughter of kings and queens.

My high school team was the Trojans.

Both chuckle.

Daughter of kings and queens.

The Illiad.

Both chuckle.

Hm. I think...

Back to—

Back to section four I'm guessing.

Is he on the market?

Vessel Head?

He should be.

He should be. I think we both know that's not happening.

But his paper?

Nobody knows.

Section four.